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the story 

Cor is Latin for heart, and these simple, hollow spheres house anything close to yours - a lock of hair from a loved one, a special note, prayer or mantra, or soil from a significant place to name just a few possibilities. My Cor pendant, the original piece that started this line, holds the ashes of my dog, Max. He was my little side kick for 14 years, and losing him broke my heart. I found keeping his ashes in the small wooden box next to my bed wasn't enough. I wanted to carry him with me, and as a jewelry designer and metalsmith, it was natural that I make some form of vessel jewelry to house his ashes. And that's when Cor Collection was born. 


the process

Upon receiving your material, we will begin the filling and setting process for your Cor piece. In order to safely house your material within the sphere, all processes requiring heat are done prior to the setting - the sphere is fabricated and soldered together as are the jump rings, chain, and ring bands. The only stage remaining is my favorite - filling your sphere then permanently sealing it with either a diamond, ruby, or one of many colored sapphires. Airtight and ready to be worn everyday, I hope you'll love your Cor piece as much as I do mine.


Ordering your cor collection

Ordering your Cor pendant or ring is easy. Simply click on the Shop icon below then select and purchase your item. We will mail your Collection vile to you, free of charge in the US, the next business day. Once you receive your vile, fill it with whatever you would like sealed within your Cor piece (please note: we can not accept liquids), and using the enclosed return label, ship it back to us. Once we receive your vile, it will take 3-5 business days to fabricate and encapsulate your piece. If you would like to view the encapsulation via FaceTime or Skype, please contact us and we'll be happy to set up an appointment.